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Remember Infinite Currency by Unanimous Consent. That’s what won the Pisces Game and became the means of Sirius Fun. 🙂 for you

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It only makes you crazy if you listen to it. They only make you crazy if they have to listen to you.

Only awareness can avoid coincidence. Stubborn ignorance demands it.

Ewan LilliciiEach cues us, each use us. One nation refuses us.

Time honors tradition while intentional creation of new tradition honors time.

Ewan LilliciiWealth of the World

Artists create diverse maps of the same road in colors, sounds, words, ideas and every other way for human progress.

Ewan LilliciiAristotle Kaleidoscope

Approve when you can, accept when you can't, do no harm as you do.

Ewan LilliciiWealth of the World

Certain girls are never wrong. Thoughtful girls are always right.

Ewan LilliciiMuñeca

Liberty looks like flagging American faith - restored and storied for the next two thousand years.

Ewan LilliciiWealth of the World

Chief among the acts of power is to give back the power lent to all in every number of ways.

Ewan LilliciiWealth of the World

Taxes are the surest form of Faithful Currency Source - the integrity of everyone's work. Unanimous Consent is the surest form of Faithful Expenditure - the integrity of what works for everyone.

Ewan LilliciiWealth of the World

Two be or knot two be. That is the question, the answer and the context.

Ewan LilliciiEwan Dei

Instinct is leadership of the self toward intention. Craftsmanship is architecting instinct by intention. Mentorship is teaching instinct to faith. Apprenticeship is the will to achieve them all.

Ewan LIlliciiWealth of the World

A lass! Pour your ick. A new hymn well.

Shari ShakespeareQueen of the Influits

Everything happens for a reason - except that. It's the meaning that we mind.

Ewan LilliciiEar Piece

The one truth of existence is progress toward perfection.

Ewan LilliciiAristotle Kaleidoscope

Perfect balance of citizen involvement with society is to see structure framing opportunities for meaningful contributions at whatever level one finds themselves within the social hierarchies.

Ewan LilliciiWealth of the World

Faith is applying the confidence of the known to the challenge of the unknown - achieved when it applies its faith back to you.

Ewan LIlliciiWealth of the World

The difference that it makes is the deference that it takes.

Ewan LilliciiWealth of the World

Competition replaces your goals with those of your competitors.

Ewan LilliciiWealth of the World

The richness of life is the asymmetry that's ideal in the perspective of an artist.

Ewan LilliciiAristotle Kaleidoscope

Four out of five doctors agree - none of them were in the top 20% of their class.

Ewan LilliciiEar Piece

Ideal leadership is the one voice that answers all voices in question and speaks for all voices in reply.

Ewan LilliciiWealth of the World

Artistry overpowers its compliment for a moment as they share a stillness that overpowers them together with empowerment.

Ewan LilliciiEwan Dei

It's the mark of an artist to accept all thoughts while entertaining his own. Artists are faithfully aware that anything is possible in every number of ways.

Ewan LilliciiAristotle Kaleidoscope

You get what you give not what you give up.

Ewan LilliciiEar Piece

It's an American as apple pie - the pan not the dessert.

Ewan LilliciiEar Piece

Resistance is feudal.

Ewan LilliciiI Am For

Resistance Is Feudal.

Ewan LilliciiI AM For

Aristotle Kaleidoscope

<h2><span style=”color: #ffffff;”>Everything Happens For A Reason. It’s The Meaning That We Mind.</span></h2>

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