Lilliput Her There

To the thought of crooked traveler

All thoughts jarred on shelf were left at home

Visions tell silver rambler

March alone this way or that way

Never back to urbane pathway

All of which lead away from Rome

Empires 'quire too much pain

Without a faith or love to gain

See the point from this crooked view

Few riches waft in though many blew

Fled desert 7:49

Sand ate two whole in one big swallow

Without jacket wasn't time

Without one question I was sure

I had ten needed 'leven more

Sped thru valley none dared follow

Marking trail with bits of rye bread

Saving some to keep me undead

Paired with water drained from the Park

Can't recall if it was light or dark

Limping up deserted highland

Fuming tank jerking no approval

Drowned in sweat seeking dry land

Pass stations few - no far between

Ghosts wailing through sharpened baleen

High placement faces low removal

Tires threatened by flat demands

Shiftless gears shaking off their sands

Hoping light will end this tunnel

'Waiting more than another funnel

Just in case you think this fiction

All assurances given for truth

Heroic dereliction

Then paternal eviction

Never was a worse conviction

Corroborate words of your sleuth

T'was the great Gift you think it is

Test completed before the quiz

Waste no secrets by telephone

Record your slumber party alone

Back to racing back from a start

Left the blocks at starting buck shot gun

Should have built myself an ark

Fairies assail 'cross dry creek bed

Some things better were never said

Survivors laugh as they succumb

Tumbleweeds all rooting in places

Rarity of finer graces

Rolling to the pump on empty

Hung hong King on the Horn of Plenty

No service for money transfer

Sev'ral bills and change all that remains

Debts, taxes survive Rapture

Just enough alms to feed the poor

Poor little lost soul raconteur

Another tourist Earth sustains

Filled up with sparks and trailing smoke

Beg one last kiss before I croak

Says she's leaving I must hurry

Accelerate to slow my worry

Once 'pon entering Sunshine State

Took Kingman straight through to Needles, I

Threads bulging from loss of weight

Pressured conscience let out a sigh

Wrong turned somewhere on 95

Sheephole Valley counting to pi

Twenty-nine Palms waving their fronds

Delirious oasis ponds

Approach 10 the Bonnie Bell way

One in the HOV lane quickens up the sleigh

Swerving and weaving through thru lanes

Somewhere circling Santa Ana

Dust bunnies shaking their chains

Hearing drips of hydrographic

Taking notes hagiographic

Signs saying head for Tijuana

Maybe after Palos Verdes

Check-in with my little birdiƩ

Already flew south for winter

Lumb'ring west with a puzzling timbre

Paused downtown to get my bearings

Investigate pain down in my seat

Broken pair of gold earrings

Found coupon for a cheeseburger

Penny saved becomes wage earner

Redemption in order to eat

Feeling fat from my cheese and bread

Sunlight cools baked breeze on my head

Bird chirps around me sound like song

Catching their tune I whistle along

Just as my tongue begins to groove

Parking patrol rounds the corner curb

Cars beep expectant to move

Need more sheep in waking nightmares

When needed most seems just wolves care

Safe in car wash - do not disturb

Reach for paper stored in ensile

Joy arrived then broke my pencil

Lack of sharp'ner dulling my day

Painting each word with ashes from tray

Audience participation

Local voyeurs from faraway lands

Pair-annoyed stimulation

King is here to meet his girlfriend

Smile spins 'round - another dead end

Wedding crashers all holding hands

They've had my cake now eating it too

All their secrets I wished I knew

This library is open late

Close out the cards lest tempt in my fate

Reading all the lyrics I find

Ideal artistry sounds close at hand

Librarian "sush" reminds

Hell's angel choir flys down street

Mufflers scarfing up all my beat

Cupid's harpoon leading the band

Pink bows on red wings look so meek

White leather bridal dress so sleek

Another marriage procession

Catches surprised my apprehension

Clouds from Nevada blowing in

Adding silver to my gold yin weight

Credit balance of my sins

Apothecary's pigeons part

For falcons return from the start

Ra's cold-pee coal train, Injun's date

From here is where life takes a turn

From Eden's Hagman locked in urn

D'ante's allegory creates

Philosopher King razed per legates

Used pennies served to fill the tank

Found highway angles round in circles

Loveless three-angled mean prank

Somehow approaching same off-ramp

No mail for help without a stamp

Catching stillness thrown by windmills

Too heavy for an even hand

Too light for only one free hand

When others understand my perch

Will they believe or renounce the Church?

Can't find a way back to the East

Besides witches too wicked will know

Good health famine from my feast

Join nickel to a quarter tank

Following sunset south with thanks

Rain tucks cold bed over warm glow

Ember smolders with a fury

Never slowing constant hurry

D'Js join in radio calls

Barreling forward down through the falls

Took wrong turn at Albuquerque

Harpie loon over-tuned underneath

Rough road, smooth engine quirky

Ice drips sizzle down from low clouds

Suburban malls replace tough crowds

Fang-toothed cats nipping Christmas wreath

Guard dogs safe inside chain-linked fence

Beg promise note signed for three pence

No cred' takers give these seasons

Wrong turn again for all right reasons

Towing a wreck by interstate

Exceptional time without a place

Exception'ly Gifted fate

Vile birds perch frozen window sill

Who dies first, the whip or the will?

Spectators fight to judge the race

Signs say Victorville is in sight

Dash glow brightens up empty plight

Loss charging gains inner cation

Fuel-starved chariot limps t'ward station

Signals all drop, throwing the phone

Curse the girl I'm stuck here with alone

Received truth when got a tone

Picked mother's knit blanket cover

'Least if I die I won't smother

Reapers outside stitch what I've sewn

For these days and for all these nights

Seeing bites cited acolytes

Rude facts reformed as flattery

Removed key to spare the battery

Woke shiv'ring still in warm breath fog

Sunrise reflects on opposing hill

No croaking spares homeless frog

Eas'ly greenest of assembled

Seeing faces she resembled

Emptiest purse from sweetest dill

Shuffle inside to make a deal

Narrow time, wide ocean, no keel

Borrow line, called for money, lent

Labyrinth penned works when paid can repent

Of all the news that's fit to print

It's the bare bad news that should be told

Smoking steel upon the flint

Lights up hope with dismissive doubt

Dry creaking in-bed water spout

Watch origami life unfold

City limits over-achieved

Maybe my dreams can be believed

Maybe gov'nor before actor

So many per mutation's factor

Talent once housed fled from the tent

Tracked by animas two by too much

Ensured for just one event

Uneventful four-day long drive

Stopped each time flowers stemmed the strive

Winner's gold still lost out of touch

My 'ternal credit to giver

Treading Colorado River

Soon in Holman south of LaGrange

A man's ville without wife on the range

And I here request it again

The finest love imaginable

All my dreams calling true reign

From one ocean to another

Why keep for a sake your brother?

Mirthed depths unfathomable

One single pair of two prints strew

Never always knowing the due

Whether rose, crawled, walked, fly or flue

This be the time that I carried Hu

Knowing who

Not knowing where

Why should I care

Lilliput Her There