Aristotle Kaleidoscope

Aristotle said:

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

I think there’s another facet of perspective needed to fill out the intent of understanding knowledge…

“It’s the mark of an artist to accept all thoughts while entertaining his own. Because artists are faithfully aware that anything is possible in every number of ways.”

Artists create diverse maps of the same road in colors, sounds, words, ideas, and every other way for human progress.

The structures of organized method to achievement our minds agree to as we delve into official forms of rational thoughts create a conceptual barrier of obsolescence to philosophical worth.

The motivation will probably be the collapse of systems run by very smart people which are “too big to fail”. Very inconvenient.

The solution to all of the ways that smart people can predict for us to fail is in the reflection of the perspective change between Aristotle’s quote and the innovation I suggested. That acceptance should be a commonplace notion when harm is not a factor gives way to a recognition that multi-faceted thought may allow for multiple perspectives on the same challenge which overcome it for specific moments in time.

An example is my new view of the United States currency and how embracing the truth about it can lead us into creation of the first Utopian Society on Earth.


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